Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)


Means unarmed combat involving the use, subject to any applicable limitations set forth herein, from different disciplines of martial arts, in a sport of MMA, two participants, each usually representing different martial arts style are bracketed together and are set to compete in a ring or in an octagon enclosure and win over each other by using various striking of grappling techniques.

Yaw-Yan continuously evolved to the extreme to keep abreast and be at par to the changing world of martial arts. From traditional Yaw-yan in 1970s, it transformed into a modern Yaw-Yan in the '80 then came the Yaw-Yan ArDigma in 2000. And to further enhance its fighting capability, we integrate lethal moves from prominent martials to become what is now known as Yaw-Yan ArDigma in the mixed martial arts community.

Our program is a very good source of self-defense techniques where students develop skills, self-control, disciplines, and self-confidence.

We're teaching practical self-defense from fitness to street survival.