Yaw-Yan ArDigma UK


Yaw-Yan SealThe word Yaw-Yan was derived from the two last syllables of "Sayaw ng Kamatayan" meaning "Dance of Death". The art resembles Muay Thai in a sense, but differs in the hip torquing motion as well as downward-cutting of its kicks.

ArDigma means for arnis (stick), pandigma (warfare). Arnis is generally classified into solo olisi (single stick) or double olisi (double stick), but in ArDigma, it is a version of arnis without a stick because we use the forearm and shin as a stick.



Hybrid FMA offers Yaw-Yan ArDigma classes in London, under the instructorship of Master Ermar Alexander, personally trained by Master Ekin Caniga in the Yaw-Yan ArDigma Headquarters in Cebu, Philippines.

See the Hybrid FMA Gym timetable for a list of Yaw-Yan classes >